We offer you the latest and the most harmless hair extension technique- cold hair extension on micro rings, with no glue, no heat and no chemicals required for attachment of the extensions, it is easy to remove or reinstall. As a result you will get long hair, volume and new hair style.

Micro rings – small and weightless copper rings are available in different colours. Using this method you can dye, wave and make you hair as usually.

For extension we use only specially prepared human hair, divided into strands. Strands are made by hand; one strand may have several colours to blend with client’s natural hair. For extension we use only high quality Russian virgin hair, which look much better than Chinese or Indian hair. Besides, Russian virgin hair is the most matchable by the structure and thickness for people in our region.

This procedure consists in the following: human hair is pulled through a micro ring and then squeezed shut using hair extension pliers. The procedure takes 1,5-2 hours.

How to keep your hairstyle: every 2-3 months you need to make correction, because your own hair will grow with the hair extensions. The maintenance procedure involves removing the ring with extensions, brushing to prevent tangling, and putting extensions on the new ring close to the root. Due to the high quality of the hair we use, hair extension can be re-applied again which is cost efficient.

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